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A Guide to Coworking in Pemberton
The workplace is forever changed in the wake of the pandemic, and one in five Canadians continue to work remotely, at least part-time. But, many of us have come to realize the imperfections of the home office after working amidst the chaos of littles, dirty dishes, and housemate distractions. Could there be a happy medium?

Enter: Our Downtown Pemberton coworking space, a clean, bright, zen-like satellite office on Prospect Street, where the coffee flows freely, the printer ink is unlimited, and the Wi-Fi is speedy. A place to take meetings, hop on a conference call without distraction, and build community with like-minded people.

Here are a few reasons why you should give coworking a try.
Be Part of a Community
Let’s face it: Working by yourself for 40 hours per week can feel isolating, no matter how introverted you are. Missing office banter and the comradery of lunchtime chats? How about after-work drinks? Science has proven that social interaction is important to our mental well-being and can spark creativity.

Co-working spaces attract an eclectic mix of people from numerous industries, from start-up founders to marketing professionals to accountants. Everyone is working on their own projects, but there is a sense of community and togetherness. Build your professional network, bounce ideas off fellow entrepreneurs, and discover new and unexpected collaboration opportunities.

“Lots of care and attention has gone into designing the space. I can't tell you how nice it is to sit down at a clean, uncluttered desk each morning,” says Rachel Spruston, who provides E-Learning Support for Young Agrarians, a non-profit educational resource network for new and young ecological farmers, “The other members have been super friendly and being around other people when I'm working really helps to get me in the zone.”
Avoid Coffee Shop Chaos
If you’ve ever tried to take a conference call from a coffee shop, you know all about the symphony of distraction that is entirely outside your control: a whirring coffee grinder, crescendoing conversation, chatty toddlers, and the din of background music. It can be a remote work nightmare.

Head to a coworking space for a professional environment where there are quiet, private spaces for phone calls, and no pressure to leave your seat for the next guest.

“They have everything you need: comfy chairs, monitors, tea, coffee and plenty of natural light,” says Jelena Radinovic, a freelance marketing manager and Out of the House Coworking regular.
Leave At-Home Distractions Behind
One of the biggest challenges with working from home is that your personal living space often plays a second role as the “office”. It can be difficult to mentally and physically disconnect from work when your living room or dining table is also a workspace, with laptops and to-do lists in plain sight. This can leave you feeling drained; or worse yet, compelled to work during your down time.

“[Out of the House Coworking] has massively improved my productivity and work/life balance,” Rachel explains. “I'm finding it so much easier to focus while I'm at work, and so much easier to relax while I'm at home.”

Support Local
As Pemberton residents, we have indelible connections to the community and love supporting other small companies. Our local business community is stronger when we all support one another, which is why we’ve created an easy and turn-key space for you to come in, make yourself a coffee, put your lunch in the fridge, and settle into a new work home where you can support fellow professionals and feel supported in return.

Maintain Flexibility
Remote workers are used to working autonomously and being in control of their own schedules, which is why we offer a range of options and month-to-month pricing. There’s a membership solution for all needs, whether you’re just dropping in for the day, using a multi-day punch-card, or are looking for a dedicated desk. For the same price as lunch, you can work for an entire day in a crisp, beautifully designed office space with unlimited coffee, tea, and printer paper.
If your work-from-home set-up is leaving you distracted, drained, or demotivated, give coworking a try. A little change to your routine might be just what you need to shift your perspective. Want to experience Out of the House Coworking for yourself? Come take a tour and try a free one-day trial. Contact us today to get started!
Enjoy a Change of Scenery
Change can help spark new ideas and give you a renewed sense of motivation and focus. Whether you live in Pemberton, or are visiting the area for a day, a week, or a short-term stay, drop into our coworking space and get a change of scenery.

The beauty of working from a new community is that you can play tourist while you’re there. Explore the trails in the morning, then hit the office for a productive afternoon before enjoying an evening pint at the Beer Farmers or dinner at Mile One Eating House—new adventures to fuel your inspiration.